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Lecture - July 11th 2009

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Lecture - July 11th 2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:24 pm

Lecture - Sheikh Alaa ElSayed

- Act of shirk will not be forgiven on the Day of Judgment.
- Path of Rehman = 1
- Path of Shaytan = Many
- Bida’ah: Anything added/deleted from your religion
- Allah (swt) says: "This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion." [5:4]
- If you are not sure about something, DON’T DO IT!!!

Pillars of Ibadah:
o Love
o Fear
o Longing/Hoping
o Glorifying
- Have more Fear in the Early Years of your life and have more longing/hope in the later years.

Service to Allah:
o General: For those who believe in Allah, and for those who do not believe in Allah, for those who pray & who don’t pray. (restricted to this Duniya)
o Special: Prophets & Messengers and the Righteous

Road Map:
1. Allah (swt) is our Lord & worship him
2. Goal of creating Jinns and Humans was to Worship Allah (swt)
3. Reason for the revelation of the Book
4. …
5. …
6. Heart is forbidden to go to Hell Fire
7. …
8. Best way to seek love of Allah (swt)…
9. …
10. …
11. …
12. Make the righteous deed part of our hearts.
13. …
14. …
15. …
16. …
17. Allah will protect and defend you, if you Follow him

How to accomplish the Road Map:
1. Do more righteous Deeds (Deeds can increase or decrease)
2. Taq’wah – (only when you are alone, can you truly know if you have Taq’wah)
3. Iman (Rabb, Deen, and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh))
• Increases and Decreases (Human Beings)
• Does not Increase and decrease (Angels)
• Increases only, but does not decrease (Prophets)

4. Knowing the glorified names of Allah (Attributes)
5. Acting according to the knowledge you have learned
6. Recite and learn the Qur’an (Understand)
7. Servants come closer to me; Allah will become the vision…
8. Remember Allah (swt) for everything (Zikhr)
9. Think about what Allah (swt) and Prophet (saw) loves, before doing anything
10. Who gives us everything (thank Allah)
11. Humbleness for Allah (swt)
12. Last 1/3 of the night – 3 hours before Fajr; Do Ibadah, increases your Iman
13. Company you keep (Friends)
• My friends should be who:
o Remind me of Allah (swt)
o Follow the path of Allah
o When they speak, My Iman increases

14. Leaves the acts of wills and desires
15. Do not talk about anything that does not increase your Iman (such as… cars, job, house, party…etc)
16. Love your Brothers and Sisters, the way you love yourself
17. My heart should be purified when it comes to my brothers and sisters (no Jealousy, no back biting…etc)
18. Whatever Allah gives me, I’m Happy with it
20. Whatever happens to you is good…
• Everything happens with Allah’s will
• If something bad happens in your life – do not blame anyone except yourself.

21. Repent to Allah (swt) – Ask for forgiveness
22. Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)
23. …
24. What you eat should be HALAL…
25. Enjoy Good and Forbid Evil

Opposite of Tawheed-ar-Rububiyah
1. Shirk
2. Bida’ah
3. Act of Disobedience

The only one who is worthy of worship is Allah (swt)!

Guest Speakers

1. Da’wah (Invite)
- Surah 16
- Use wisdom and beautiful words
- Do things in group to be successful
- Present Islam in polite manner
- Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was the walking Qur’an
2. Advice people to do Good things
3. Stop people from doing Bad things

1. Life ends here.
2. You are here because you did something good in previous life.
3. This is a test, follow commands of your creator (Allah [swt]) and you will be rewarded by being sent to Heaven and for failures you’ll be sent to Hell Fire.

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