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Lecture - July 25th 2009 (hypocrites)

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Lecture - July 25th 2009 (hypocrites)

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:05 pm

Sheikh Omar Farooq

For this Week:
- Say Bismillah before and Alhamdulillah after everything you do
- Pray on Time

Bismillah Ar’Rahman Ni’Rahim.

And those who have rejected (these things); it is same to them, whether you warn them or not, they will not believe (Ayah 6:)

Kufr: Ka Fa Ra (to hide) this is the opposite of Shukr.

Two types of Kufr:

1. Rejecting Allah, His Signs, and His Commandments.
2. Being Ungrateful, not being Thankful.

• We must keep up the good work, whether people like it or not
• Helping People
• Inviting people to Allah
• Inviting non-Muslims to Islam
• Because we want our reward from Allah, and we will get our reward.

7 reasons for rejecting Faith, Refusing to follow the Right Path

- Is Wealth / Arrogance
- Our business will be ruined
- Why Ghulaam are sitting there, they should be removed, when we come to talk to you
- We want to see Allah
- Still I have a long life ahead / I am too young to practice.
- Follow the trend of the people (Market Trend)

Hadith: how much do you have grantee on life? [Prophet (pbuh)]
- I have no grantee even if one foot inside and one foot outside, I have no grantee at the blink of an eye (Ali [r.a])

Allah has put a seal on their hearts, and on their hearings, and their eyes are covered, and for them is a severe punishment (Ayah 7:)

Allah has set a program in their heart and he has created them on the Fitrah, but they choose the wrong path.

We have 3 sources of knowledge:
1 – Eyes
2 – Ears
3 – Heart
And if all of them are sealed up, then we have a problem.

Muja hid explains:

If we do good, our heart will be open and bright, and if we do bad our heart will shrink and will become black and sealed up.

- Forgive everyone and repent to Allah for your sins. (Before going to sleep, ask for Allah’s forgiveness and forgive everyone else).

• It is up to us what we want in life
• Allah says: We will turn him wherever he wants to turn.

There are people who say, we believe in Allah and the last day, whereas they do not believe at all. They try to deceive Allah, and the believers, infect they deceive themselves, and they do not realize it. They have disease in their heart and Allah increased their disease, and they will have a painful punishment (Ayah 8, 9, 10)

Historical background (Ali [r.a], Abdullah Ibn Ubay)
Who is Abdullah Ibn Ubay?
Prophet (S) provided the best leadership.
Today’s hypocrites: Believe in Allah and the last day but do not believe in the prophet, and we have the same challenge all over the world, we see the hypocrites and Jews conspiracy working together.

They do not believe at all,
Because Allah knows what is inside the heart. They try to deceive Allah and the believers, Even today we have people who are working against their own people.

There are two disease of heart.
- Doubt (Shuk)
- Wimps and desires (Shahawaat)

o We will turn you wherever you want to turn (An-Nisa 4:115)
o Allah increases in guidance those who adopt the right way. (Maryam 19: 76)
o But it has added more filth to the filth of those, who hearts are suffering from the disease (of hypocrisy) (At Tawbah 9:125)

They will have a painful punishment.

When it is said to them, do not spread mischief on earth, they will say, we are the peace makers. Beware, they are the one who spread mischief on earth but they do not realize. (Ayah 11, 12:)

Why America dropped atomic bomb on Japan (Encyclopedia Britannica)

One of the Signs of Day of Judgment:
- People will not listen to their father but they will listen to their friends.

When it is said to them, believe as other people have believed they reply, should we believe as fooled have believed, Beware, they are the fools but they do not know. (Ayah 13)

(Safeeh) Is a man who is not conscious of his profit and loose.

What people think when we pray in a wedding?
Honesty is the best policy.
When we ask people to come to the program…

Make others happy, because of Allah (SWT)
Hadith kudsi (Prophet [saw]):
You take care of Allah; Allah will take care of you.
If you take care of Allah, you will find Allah in front of you.

People say: We have kept the balance between Deen and Dunya.
Islam does not stop you from having fun. But the time we want to have fun; remember Allah (swt). Keep Allah (swt) in your heart, and mind.

(Ayah 14, 15, 16)
When they meet the believers, they say we “too” are the believers. But when they are alone with their evil ones, they say, indeed we are with you, we are only mocking with these people.

They have taken their Deen as a joke. Dress, Beard, Parties, Hijaab, etc.
(In fact) Allah is mocking at them, (by) letting them wander on (blindly) in their transgression.
(Abdullah Ibn Abbas)
On the Day of Judgment …

These are the one who bought error, at the price of guidance, but this bargain what they have made, has no profit, and they are not on the right (path) at all.

Hypocrites will not be on the right path…

They will cry out to the believers and say,
Were we not with you?
Believers will reply, “Yes”
But you led yourselves into temptation,
Served the time, entertained doubts,
And false hopes deluded you until Allah’s Judgment came, and the great deceiver, deceived you about Allah till the last moment. (Al-Hadeed, 57:14)

There are two types of Munafiqeen (Hypocrites)
- Munafiq in his believes (from there tongue they say they believe, but their heart does not confirm)
o Iman (requires 3 things)
• Testifying of the tongue
• Confirmation of the heart
• Actions
o If anyone of the above is missing, we are not a true believer.

- Munafiq in his actions.

• There example is like a man, kindled a fire, and when it illuminated all around him, Allah took away the light from their eyes, and left them in darkness, where they could not see anything.
• They are deaf, they are dumb, they are blind and they will not return (to the right path)

• We need two lights to find our way:
o Inside Light
o Outside light
• The man is Prophet Muhammad (saw), light is the light of Quran.
• Example: when we are inside the car, we can find out way from its light but if we are coming from the opposite site of the care we will be dim-sighted.

Allah is showing us the right path, but if we do not follow this path, Allah (swt) takes away this light.
Surah Taha: People who are blind toward the light of the Quran in this world, Allah will make them blind in the hereafter.
- Allah (swt) brought us in this life for a purpose

Following is the example of a Munafiq, in actions. (Ayah 19, 20)
- Rain is the mercy of the Quran, with glad tidings and sever punishment in the Hell Fire.

- Quality of hypocrites
o When they speak they lie
o When they promise they break their promise
o When he fights, he uses bad words
o When they are trusted with something, they betray the imanat
- If you have one of these signs, you have 1 sign of hypocrites, and if you have all 4 then you are complete hypocrites (prophet [pbuh])

Surely Allah has power over everything.

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Lecture - July 25th 2009 (hypocrites)

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Wed Aug 05, 2009 11:06 pm

The notes in red, are my own notes

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