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Lecture - July 26th 2009

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Lecture - July 26th 2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Fri Aug 14, 2009 11:36 pm

Shaikh Omar Farooq

The Wise Way… (Paradoxical Commandments)

- Invite everyone to Islam
- Forgive even when people are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered
- Be kind even when people accuse of being selfish, ulterior motives
- Succeed even when you win false friends and true enemies
- Build even when someone destroy what you have build over the years in one night
- Do good, even when people forget what you have done

- Whatever you do good, do it only for Allah (swt)

O Mankind, Submit to your Lord who created you and those who were before you; in this way only may expect to save yourselves.

o Submit to Allah (swt)
o We heard and we practiced ( Obeyed)
o Action must be done, to prove our Iman to Allah (swt)
o Save yourselves from the punishment from the next life

It is he who has made the earth a resting-place for you and the sky a canopy; and it is He who sends down water from above with which he brought forth fruits for your sustenance. So, when you know this, you should not set up equals to rank with Allah

o Everyone rests on this earth (Alive and Dead)
o Rain – provides food, vegetables
o Fruits – appreciate the process and the time it has taken to develop (Before Thank Allah [swt] and mention the Name of Allah [swt] and after eating say Alhamdulillah) – Everything Allah makes, it grows and expands.
o Do not create partners with Allah (swt), worship should be exclusive to Allah (swt) because He has created everything and provided us with everything.
o Be thankful to Allah (swt) even for small things.

- An open invitation
- You may save themselves in this life from false beliefs, evil and indecencies and from the punishment of Allah (swt) in the next life
- When Allah provides everything, then worship, devotion and service must be exclusively for Him
- (Ayah, 23) And if you be in doubt whether the Book we have sent down to Our servant is from us or not, then produce, at least, one Surah like this. You may call all your associates to help you and avail yourselves of the help of anyone other than Allah. If you are genuine in your doubt, the produce.

o Revealed this challenge in Makah and then again in Medina

- But if you do not do this, and you can never do this, then fear the Fire which has been prepared for the disbelievers and which shall have men and stones for fuel.
• Quran is a human production, is it true?

o Quran mentions few incidents of Prophet Mohammad (saw). Prophet Mohammad (saw) did not eat honey, Allah (swt) reveal to prophet that why are you forbidding what I have permitted.

• An open challenge to all, produce something similar to the Quran, if you have any doubt in it. Quran repeatedly challenge the entire Human being?
• Not only the unbelievers will be a fuel of the Hell fire but the idol-stone they worshiped, will also be a fuel of the Hell fire.

o People around us create doubts, therefore raise questions and clear your doubts regarding your Iman.
o People, who believe in Allah, Will be in a beautiful garden.

- And give good news (O Muhammad), to those who believe in this Book and do good deeds (in accordance with teachings). For them there will be garden underneath which rivers flow. Their fruits will so resemble the fruits on the Earth that every time they will be provided with fruits, they will say, “Such fruits were provided to us before on the Earth.” And there will be pure spouses for them and therein they will live forever.
- In appearance, the fruits of paradise may resemble, but the taste will be absolutely delicious (Ma La alnum Raat)
- The word ‘Zauj’ mean spouses and embraces both the husband, in the next life; however this relationship will be qualified by purity.
- Well, Allah is not ashamed to give the example of a gnat (Spider, Bee and Fly) or of something even more insignificant than this. As for those who believe, they come to know from the same example that it is the Revelation from their Lord, but those who disbelieve, say, “What does Allah mean by such example?” Allah leads astray many and guides many to the right way by the same thing.
- And he leads astray only those who disobey Allah; who break Allah’s covenant after ratifying it; who cut asunder what Allah has ordered to be joined, and who makes chaos on the Earth. These are the people who are indeed the losers.

- Who are the wrong doers?
• Those who break Allah’s covenant, after ratifying it (Kalimah / Hadith Ahd)
• Those who cut the blood relations that Allah has commanded to be joined.

o Cannot be upset with someone longer than 3 days
o Forgive those even if they don’t forgive us
o Show kindness to those who do not show kindness to me
o Give those who do not give me

• Those who spread corruption/disorder on earth. (Mother / Father)
([Fasad] - Who debase the relationship between Men and God and Men and Men?)
o A person will not listen to his father, but listen to his friend.
o The mother will listen to her daughter (sign of the judgment)

- They are the losers
- People who break Allah’s covenant,
o Difference between Islam and Kufr, believe and disbelieve is when we don’t pray.
o Muslim should not follow the trend of the society, but rather GIVE the trend to the society. Be the role model and the example in the society.

- How can you be ungrateful to Allah, when the fact is that you were lifeless and He gave you life, and He will take away life from you and will bring you back to life again: then you shall ultimately return to Him.
o After someone dies, we say “…” – we say we belong to Allah (swt) and to Him we will return.
- He, it is who created for you all that there is on the Earth; He then turned to the sky and ordered it into seven heavens. And He has full knowledge of everything.
o Knowledge is the light from Allah (swt), do not make any excuses

- Allah is the light, and the source of light. (we will be in darkness, if we turn away from Allah)
- Allah is the peace and the source of peace. (we will have no peace, if we turn away from Allah)
- None of our actions are hidden from Allah, He is well aware of everything that we do.
o Allah (swt) knows everything, but above that he has made angels, who make note of our good and bad deeds. On the Day of Judgment: Read your book of deeds, and you decide where you stand. Your hands, your feet, your ears, your eyes (everything)…will be a witness for you or against you.
o The law is for the wrong doers. The hell fire is there for the bad people.

- (Ayah 30) Quran defines the true nature of man, and his correct position in the universe.

Khalifah – Vicegerent – Deputy - Servant

- The authority he has is not of his own, but it is set by his Master.
- He exercise the authority delegated to him by his Master in the capacity of his deputy and agent
- He is not entitled to do what he likes, but he is obliged to carry out the will of his Master.
o When Allah and his messenger has ordered something, the servants have no choice except to follow and carry out the responsibility which Allah (swt) has given.
o Cannot follow the directions of others

- He has no choice except to obey his Master
- He cannot follow the direction of others; it will be infidelity and rebellion.

Tasbeeh; has two meanings.
1. To proclaim the Glory of Allah
2. To exert oneself energetically

Taqdees; has two meaning.
1. To celebrate the Holiness of Allah
2. To purify

- Allah decided to create a being with some authority (Adam (a.s))
- We recognize things with their names.
- Knowledge what the angel have, is confined to their assigned task and having no knowledge of other things. But the man’s knowledge is comprehensive and he has some knowledge of everything.
o Angel’s knowledge is confined solely for what their task is.
o Angel’s follow what they have been commanded
o Human beings were given the knowledge and the authority

- This demonstration was an answer to the first doubt the angels expressed. In this manner they were made to realize that Allah had not only bestowed some authority to men but also endowed him with knowledge.
o Allah (swt) knows everything that you keep secret and you reveal
o Angel (Dao’ud) asked Allah (swt) why you have created a being that will create mischief in the world and he will shed blood.
o Once the person is given the authority and choice, the person might choose something wrong.
o Jinns were created 1000 of years before the Human Beings
o Angels were created First, Jinns were created second and Human Beings were created third.
o Allah (swt) said “I know what you do not know”.
o Our test is how we use our knowledge and how we use our authority.
o In every important matter of our life, we need to choose the right path, the truthful way, the way of the prophet (pbuh)
o As human being have been given knowledge, similarly the Jinns have the knowledge
o Shaytan was from the Jinns.

- Then we commanded the angels, “Bow yourselves to Adam. “All bowed but Iblees refused to do so; and gloried in his arrogance: and thus he became one of those who deny the truth
- Angels were asked to devote themselves to men’s service
- Whenever men wants to use their power, irrespective of right or wrong, angels should cooperate with them
o If you do anything bad, angels will help you
o If you do anything Good, angels will help you

- Iblees; mean thoroughly disappointed, one who is despair.
- Pride and Arrogance is the act of Satan
- A human being could posses the satanic attributes as well

Do not despair of Allah’s Mercy, He will forgive you all your sins.
o Prophet (pbuh) - when you return to Allah, He becomes happy the way an individual becomes happy after they find there lose object.
o People who are always despair, are friends of Shaytan

- The when we said “ O Adam, you and your wife, both dwell in the Garden and eat to your hearts’ content where from you will, but do not go near this tree; otherwise you shall become transgressors”.
o Lying
o Stealing
o Back Biting
o Taking interest
o Shirk
o Forbidden Food

- Adam and Eve were kept in paradise, in order to test them, and a tree was chosen and they were told not to approach it. Otherwise they will be the wrongdoers.
- This was a test, how far they will follow the instructions of God and overcome the temptation of Satan.
- We have the same test all around us, how we are behaving?
- Allah placed them in paradise because this was the most suitable place for man, and if man turns away and disobeys his Master, he will remain deprived of paradise in the next life.
- The only way he can reclaim the lost paradise, if he shows resistance to his enemy, who is always trying to divert him from the obedience of God.
o We began our journey in paradise and it will end in paradise.

- After a time Satan tempted them with that tree to disobey our command and brought them out of the state they were in, and we decreed. “Now, go down all of you from here: you are enemies of one another. Henceforth you shall dwell and provide for yourselves on the Earth for a specified period.” At that time Adam learnt appropriate words from his Lord and repented, and his Lord accepted his repentance, for He is very Relenting and very Merciful.
• This means that the Satan is the enemy of man and the man is the enemy of Satan.
• But what we see around, we became the friends of Satan.
• Satan has defeated and successfully trapped the Human Being, but he will have no controls and power over righteous people.
• Tawbah; to come back / to turn to someone.
• Rabbana Zalamna Anfusana
• Don’t think He will not forgive, He is always there for you, you just need to turn back to Him.

- 4 conditions of Tawbah (O believers, repent to Allah with sincere Repentance)
• Stop doing wrong (right away)
• Be regretful, what has happened
o Be sad about it
• Never do it again
o Make the commitment of never repeating your mistake
• Pay back
o Ask Allah for the forgiveness of your deed, and to forgive the deeds of the person whom you have back bitted about.

o If we violate the conditions of Allah (swt) – 3 apply
o If we violate the conditions of Human, animal… - 4 apply

- We said, “Now go down, all of you from here. Henceforth there shall come to you Guidance from Me now and again: whoever will follow it shall have neither fear nor sorrow and whoever will refuse to accept it and defy Our revelations they shall be doomed to the Fire wherein they shall remain forever.

We have three Feelings:
- Grief and Sorrows (Past)
- Worries and Fear (Future)
- Peace and Tranquility
o Scholars say - People who have no peace in this life, will not have peace in the next life
o Be satisfied with your life, but focus on the Akirah, worry for the next life.
o Allah (swt) - Those who follow the Quran will have no Grief and worries.

Commitment of the week
- Start with Bismillah
- Finish with Alhamdulillah
- Pray on Time

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Lecture - July 26th 2009

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- The notes in Red are my own.

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