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Those who exceed us in faith but do not say the Shahdah?

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Those who exceed us in faith but do not say the Shahdah?

Post  Fareya on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:57 pm

Aslamualikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

When Prophet Muhammd (SA) invited people to Islam and those who accepted said the words La ilaha illallah Muhammad rasoolallah. In today's society most Muslims are not the Muslims they are supposed to be, they say the shahdah, pray in order to say we have prayed and we are muslims, read the quran not so that they understand, but so that they can say we have read so that they can give a claim, but out in the open with the disbelievers they stray from their faith. They do all those things that are with their desire resulting in the consequence of placing desire before faith and becoming Munafiq's. Out in society they do what Abdullah bin Ubi and his followers did. They say we are with you to the disbelievers and take a drink, they take up arms and kill and destroy the innocent (e.g. join gangs) , smuggle, take drugs, rob people of their posseccions and commit minor as well as major sins. And most of all they do this after saying La ilaha illallah Muhammad rasoolallah. They do this after agreeing that There is no God but Allah (SWT) , and that Muhammad (SA) is the Messenger of Alah (SWT). This is us, Muslims. What about those who are not Muslims but they are following their religion with true heart?

The Mennonites, the Quakers, Amish, and the Hutterites. True they are not Muslims, and do not believe in Prophet Muhammad (SA). But they are following thier book, they are following Prophet Isa (A) and the book, The Injil (Bible). They do not drink, they pray daily, do not get their pictures taken, do not curse, do not kill innocent and much else. They live peacefully in harmony away from those who commit sins. When we compare them with us, who is better in faith? Us or them? Think about it for a minute.

My question is: When we Muslims say the shahdah, the tuhid, and accept Islam but do not follow it whereas we have a nation who do not accept Islam, do not say the shahdah, or the tuhid, they do not say There is only one God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God, but they exceed us in faith. They do almost everything that Islam says to do, then how are they sinners and we the believers in today's society? I agree that they do not believe in Prophet Muhammad (SA), but they do believe in Allah (SWT), and they do believe in the book, and the angels. They read their book and they follow it. And here, we read out book but do not follw it. SO THEN ARE THEY THE DISBELIEVERS AND US THE BELIEVERS?

Muslims, it is up to us to represent Islam and the truth, when we ourselves reject the truth then what about those who are already lost, some look up to us, but when we too are follwing in their footsteps, they are of course going to call us liars.

Jazakallah al Khir...May Allah SWT bless the Muslim Ummah and guide us right. Ameen.




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