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Lecture - July 26th 2009

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Lecture - July 26th 2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:08 pm

Lecture - Brother Usman

Types of Sciences

1. Natural Sciences -
2. Traditional Sciences (conventional sciences)
- Knowledge which is being copied
- no place for intellect
- The bases of these are the Qur’an and the Sunnah
• Once hitting puberty, an individual is responsible for their own deeds.

Knowledge of the Quran:
o Letters of the Qur’an
o Words of the Qur’an
o Many words placed together to form a sentence

10 things to know

1. Definition of the Science
• Tajweed – Giving every letter its right (To make something beautiful)

2. Subject Matter (Mug’dur)
• The letters of the Qur’an

3. Benefits of learning the science
• To protect one’s tongue from making mistakes in the recitation of the Qur’an

4. Who originated the field of knowledge (Who is that individual who took the knowledge of the Qur’an/ Tawjeed/Tafseer and formed this )
• The Imam of the Qur’an (Scholars of the Qur’an)

5. What is Shari of the field of Science (Fard, Sunnah, Nafal)
• Theory – knowledge of the rules of Tajweed – it is Fard-al-Kifaya
• Practical – Fard-al-Ayien

What is Tajweed - Beautifying the letter and knowing where to stop (Prophet [pbuh])
6. What is the Name of the Science
• Tajweed

7. What is the superiority of this knowledge over other field of knowledge
• It is the greatest of the Sciences, because it is connected directly to the Book of Allah
• Has to be read exactly the way Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) read

8. Where it started from
• Allah (swt)

9. What connection does this science has related to other fields of knowledge
• Tajweed plays a huge role with Tafseer
• Connected with the Hadith
• Tajweed compliments all the other sciences, because it reflects on the word of Allah (swt), and other sciences compliment it

10. What is discussed in this knowledge
• The rules

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