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Lecture - Aug-1st-2009

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Lecture - Aug-1st-2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:34 pm

Shaikh Omer Farooq

Assignment: List the characteristics of the Hypocrites
o Hardest prayer on hypocrites are Salat fajr and isha

O children of Israel! Just recall to mind My favor wherewith I blessed you, fulfill your covenant with Me and I shall fulfill My covenant with you, and fear me alone.
- Israel’ means the servant of Allah, the title of prophet Yaqoob (A), 12 sons, 12 tribes.
- Jews were appointed to the leadership of the world.
- Allah is addressing the right-minded people, who are capable of believing the truth, and cooperating the mission.
- Qur’an brought the same message as the previous scriptures, and the mission of the prophet is same as the previous prophets.

o Qualities of a Believer: Believe in the unseen, establish prayers, spend what Allah has given them, practice and believe in the next life with certainty.
o Hypocrites will be in the lowest of the lowest
o Whoever will follow this guidance, they will have no fear on the Day of Judgment.
o Isra – abd - servant
o Ael – ulla– of Allah
o Israel was given the important – gave them the leadership, prophets came from them

o Greatest Blessing of Allah (swt) to us:
1. Islam - That we are born Muslim (Our Deen is Islam)
2. The Book of Allah (Qur’an).
3. The coming of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) in our life.

Hadith (Prophet (pbuh)):
o What Allah has the right upon us – Do not make partners with Allah (swt)
o What rights do we have upon Allah (swt) – If we don’t do Shirk and create partners with Allah (swt), than Allah has the right to forgive us.

o If we want peace in our life, Allah (swt) is the source
o Fear only Allah (swt)
o All the prophets invited there people to Allah (swt) – all prophets have the same information

- Do not oppose the truth (Israel 40 – 104)
- That is why, in the following verses on one hand, moral weaknesses of the Jews, their wrong notions about religion, their wrong ways of thinking and living, have been pointed out, one by one, while, on the other, the demands of the true faith have been stated so that Muslims are able to see the Right Way clearly and avoid wrong ways..
- According to Tradition, He (SA) warned that they would discard the Guidance and follow, step by step, the communities of the past, that is, the Jews and the Christians, in their wrong ways
- What is the greatest…
- And believe in the Book I have now sent down; as it confirms the scripture you already possess, be not the first to reject it; barter not away My Revelations for worldly gain, and guard yourselves against My wrath.
• To reject the Quran or the teachings of the Prophet.
• You have been given the knowledge, more responsible.
• “Worldly gains” in return of discarding the commands of Allah. As a matter of fact, even the whole wealth of the world put together is worthless, if it is gained in exchange for Allah’s Guidance
o Do not be the first one to ignore the Qur’an (others might reject, but you should not)
o Qur’an came to us, and if we reject it, then so will others.
o Once we understand the message of the Qur’an than we can convince other people
o And do not sell the ayah for little worldly gains
o Do not buy house on mortgage – Interest is Haram

- Confound not the Truth with falsehood nor conceal it knowingly.
o Do not hide the truth, and if you have knowledge then give it to others.
o Islam is not to Inherit, it is the truth

- Establish the Salat, pay the Zakat and bow down before me along with those who bow down.
o Root word of Zakat - Za, Kaaf, Ta

• Jews were the most educated, and the Arabs were generally illiterate and uneducated. So the Arabs were impressed the influenced by the Jews
• When prophet brought the divine message, the Arabs of Makkah and Madina, turned to Jews for guidance.
o Prophet migrated from Makha to Madina, there were many Jew tribes ( Jews were very educated people), people of Arabs turned to Jews
o Do not go for the appearance. Turn to Allah for guidance
o If you don’t know something, ask the people who have the knowledge (Sunnah and the Qur’an)
o Prophet (pbuh) said: there will be time, when people will turn to those who do not have the knowledge (you will be misguided)

• We are facing the same problem today, we turned to people for guidance, because of their appearance or little knowledge of Islam
• Jews would never admit the righteousness of the teachings, nor they had the courage to refuse it openly, nor were they willing to profess the Truth
• Instead, they would devise a plan to oppose it, create suspicion, make allegations, and make false propaganda in order to involve people in useless discussions.
• That is why they have been warned not to conceal the truth by covering it with falsehood, nor suppress it by spreading suspicions and by raising silly objections.
• The Salat and Zakat were always the essential elements of the revealed religions
• Like all other Prophets, the Israelite Prophets also had strictly enjoined to pray and pay Zakat, but the Jews became wholly neglectful of them. They gave up the performance of Salat in congregation and the majority of the people did not even offer it individually.
• Instead of paying Zakat, they started charging interest on money.

- How is it that you enjoin others to follow the Right Way, but forget it yourselves, though you read the scriptures? Have you no sense at all?
- Seek help with Salat and Sabr: no doubt, Salat is hard but not for those obedient servants, who realize that ultimately they shall meet their Lord and shall return to Him.
• It is too bad in the sight of Allah, that you ask others what you yourself don’t practice.
• Many of the hypocrites of my Ummah will be among those who read the Qur’an
• If you have difficulties in following the right path, then hold on Salat and Sabr.
o Prophet (pbuh) said: Many of the hypocrites of my Ummah will be the ones who read the Qur’an, even if they read the Qur’an, we really don’t read it
o When we read the Qur’an, sometimes we curse ourselves (Lie, hypocrites…)
o We have learned the Knowledge and practice Together
o Salat is not hard on those, who remember that they will meet their Lord and will return to him

- Our key to success, Salat and Sabr (iza Hazabahu Amrun Fazia ilas Salati (Musnad Ahmed))
- Salat is a hard task, only for those who are disobedient to Allah and does not believe in the Hereafter.
- As for the Believers it is an enjoyment.
- Sabr is of three kinds:
1. Sabr in obedience
2. Sabr from disobedience
3. Sabr at the time of difficulties
o Run back to Allah (swt) when you are in difficulty, do Salat (pray two rakat) and still if you don’t get what you want, have Sabr.
o People who have Sabr and Shukr will go to Jannah
o Only Allah (swt) can help us. Everything is Allah (swt).
o For Believers: Salat is an enjoyment (servant is standing in front of the Master)
o Salat will be the light on the Day of Judgment. Salat will be the light to Jannah.
o Sa Ra Ba (to control oneself)
o At the times of difficulty seek help with Salat and have Sabr.

- O children of Israel! Recall my favors which I bestowed upon you, and remember that I exalted you above all the nations.
- Fear the day when no one shall avail another; when no intercession will be accepted; when no one will be ransomed; and no criminal will receive any help.
o We should not compromise, Allah (swt) has written perfection in everything.
o If we are a Student, be the best student in the class. Be the best in everything.

• Remember the time when you were the leaders of the world and were required to invite all other nations to His submission and to guide them on the Right way.
• Now the Muslims are assignment the duty of inviting people to his submission and to follow the right path.
• And if you don’t perform your duty then remember the Day, when you will come back to me.
o Duty: invite people to his submission and the right path
o Prophet’s Last Sermon: those who are here today, tell those who are not present with us
o To perform this duty, Allah has given us the Quran.
o Forgive to those who are rude: Allah has ordered me that I should forgive those who have done wrong to me.
o When someone is rude to you, Allah (swt) sends one of his angels to reply on your behalf, but do not respond yourself. Or say let, Allah (swt) handle this.
o Scholars have said: Each and every Muslim is a teacher.
o On the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask what have you brought: Allah is looking for what you have done for others. Have you shown someone them the guidance?
o Duties: Invite the believers and the non-believers and purify ourselves. O people, submit to Allah (swt)

• They were under the delusion that they would salvation just because they are beloved to Allah, and they are the descendants of great Prophets and had relations with great saints and pious and righteous people.
• That is why they neglected the religion and involved themselves in sin
• They are warned that they will not escape the consequences of their evil deeds by virtue of their relation with some holy person or his intercession in their behalf.
• We are in the same delusion, today.
o In the history, there has been an incident, where there was a King (Zalim), and Scholar (always advice king to do well). King was upset, king asked the scholar to come and meet him. King had a dog beside him. And king asked who is better, my dog or you? The scholar answered. That if I am obedient to my master then I am better than your dog, and if I am disobedient to my master than your dog is better.
o If we disobey our master (Allah [swt]) and follow our desires, then we are worse than animals.
o If you do not do your duties, then fear the day when you will come back to Allah (swt)
o Allah (swt) said: On the Day of Judgment, No one shall bare the burden of others; everyone will bare their own burden.
o Prophet (pbuh) saying to his aunt and daughter: On three occasions I will not be able to help you: When you deeds will be put on the scale, when the book of deeds will be handed over to you, when you have to cross the bridge.
o The best of the intercession is with Allah (swt). You have no better friend than Allah (swt). No friendship will be there on the Day of Judgment. No criminal will receive any help.
o We should invite people to Allah (swt). DUTY!!!!!!

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