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Lecture - Aug-2nd-2009

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Lecture - Aug-2nd-2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:16 am

Shaikh Omer Farooq
August – 2nd-2009

Book: Islam balancing Life and beyond

Recall; the time when we resourced you from the slavery of Pharaoh’s people who had afflicted you with dreadful suffering: they killed your son and let out your daughters live. that was a tremendous trail for you from your Lord.

Remember the time when we parted the sea to make way for you and let you pass safely through it and then drowned Pharaoh’s people before your very eyes.
• The event was well known among the Jews, but they still remained ungrateful.
• They were put to the test to see whether they would be grateful to Allah after their miraculous escape.
• Sometimes people have been saved to life, after a sickness or an accident, but do we appreciate.
o Pharaoh was the King at the time. Some of his people were magicians. They told Pharaoh that there will be a new born boy who will be a trouble for you. Pharaoh gave the order to kill all the new born boys, but let the girls live. When Allah made the Mosa (a.s) was born, Allah made it a secret. When he was born, Allah ordered his mother to put Mosa (a.s) in a cradle and hand him over to the sea, which lead to the Pharaoh. Pharaoh’s wife was named Asiya and she was a believer. Pharaoh did not have any kids. When she saw the cradle, she asked the Pharaoh and insisted. They kept the boy in their house.
o Mosa (a.s) was raised at Pharaoh’s house.
o Refer everything in life, back to Allah (swt)
o If you are successful at something, always say. I am successful with the help of Allah (swt)
o Every time we are saved from difficulty, or sickness, it is because of Allah (swt)

- Call in mind, when we invited Moses for a fixed term of forty nights and days, you took cow, to worship in his absence. Though you had committed a wicked crime, yet we pardoned you even after that, so you might become grateful.
• When after their escape from Egypt the Israelites entered the Sinai Peninsula, Allah invited the Prophet Moses to Mount Tur for forty days and forty nights to give him Laws, Instructions and Commands for the guidance of the people who had recently been liberated from slavery. (we do things when we don’t see our parents around)
• Cow-worship was very common in Can’an, Egypt and the neighboring countries. When the Israelites degenerated and became slaves of the Copts after the death of Prophet Joseph, they learnt this evil practice too from their rulers along with other evils.
• They asked the Samiri to make a cow for them, how superficial we are. (getting involve in Bid’aat).
o Fear Allah THOSE who believed in unseen.
o Prophet said: I will love the people after you more than I love you. And people said how you can love people more who will come afterwards, when we sit with you, visit you. Prophet replied saying that, they will believe in me, without seeing me. (They will believe in the unseen).
o 40 days they took to make a cow after Mosa (a.s) was gone.
o Relate this to Him: When our parents ask us to do something, we listen, we pray, we do the right thing. But when our parents are not around, do we still pray, do we still do the right things?
o If your parents are angry, then Allah is angry at you. Because, Allah doesn’t like children misbehaving with their parents.

- Remember that (at the very time, when you were committing this gross iniquity) we gave Moses the Book and the criterion of right and wrong, so that you might be guided aright.
• “Furqan”: a criterion for distinguishing truth from falsehood.
• Here it stands for the knowledge and understanding of religion which enables a person to distinguish between right and wrong, truth and falsehood.
o Surah Furqan – blessed is He, who has revealed the criterion to his servant (prophet Mohammad [pbuh])
o In our daily life, we follow instructions of our doctor, because we know it will cure us.
o Allah (swt) is the biggest Al’Haqeem (He is the Most Wise, The Wise).

- Remember that when Moses (returned with the Divine Gift, he) said to his people, “O my people, you have wronged yourselves by taking the cow for worship.
- Therefore, turn to your creator. And slay the guilty ones among you. This is best for you in the sight of Your Creator.” At that time your Creator accepted your repentance because He is Relenting ‘and Merciful. (70,000 people were killed)
- Remember when you said, “O Moses, we are not going to believe you until we see with our own eyes Allah (talking to you)”. At that very time a thunderbolt struck you while you were looking on and you fell lifeless.
- Then we raised you to life so that you might become grateful for this favor.
o If a believer is being punished in this life for something, they will not punish in the Hereafter.
o Tauba means: Coming back (repent)
o Stop doing wrong right away
o Be regretful
o Never do it again
o Pay Back
o Ayah 54: If we do something wrong, we hurt ourselves. If we don’t pray, fast, we hurt ourselves.

- Moses went to Mount Tur for forty days and forty nights
- He was also told to bring seventy of the chiefs of Israel.
- Then Allah bestowed upon him the Book and Criterion He presented these to the chiefs
- The wicked one said; "How can we believe, your statement, that “Allah has had a talk with you?“.
- At this Allah became angry with them and punished them. ( they were struck by the lightening)
- (Remember that) We caused the cloud to comfort you with shadow and provided you with manna and salva for your food, saying. “Eat of the clean and pure things We have bestowed upon you” (In spite of this, they violated Our commands: ) however, they did not harm Us but harmed only themselves.
- We sheltered you with clouds when you entered the Sinai Peninsula.
- When Israelites had emigrated in large numbers from Egypt and had no place in the Sinai Peninsula to hide their heads, not to speak of houses and tents.
- Allah kept the sky cloudy for a long time.
- Allah provided them with food as well, that whole nation lived on them for forty years, but they wronged themselves.
- In modern times, we see the developed countries cannot provide enough for few hundred thousand, who immigrate suddenly.
o Greatness of Allah (swt): Even despite the fact people have done shirk, Allah (swt) provided them with ready food and cloud in the desert for 40 years.
o Allah-u-Akbar – Allah is the greatest

- And Remember the time when We said, “Go into the town” and eat to your hearts’ content, and enter the gates bowing down with humility, repeating ‘hittatun’; We will forgive your sins and increase the reward of the righteous”.
o ‘Hittatun’ – O Allah, please forgive us.

- But the transgressors changed the words said to them entirely into a different things. So we sent down upon transgressors a severe torment from the sky: that was the punishment for the disobedience they were showing.
• They were told not to enter the town like cruel and ruthless tyrants but to go with humility like God-fearing people, just as the Prophet Muhammad did at the conquest of Makah.
• ‘Hittatun’ can have two meaning: “You should enter the town,
1. Begging Allah’s forgiveness for sins, and
2. Granting general amnesty and refraining from plundering and murdering the people of the town.
o The needs might be filled here and might not be, but do not forget the purpose of your life, to please Allah (swt).
o Do not ignore the purpose of our creation

• They changed the word with “Habbatun”
• Disobedience of Allah and making their religion a joke.
• They don’t change themselves, but they change the Qur’an.
• The Punishment;
• Allah’s Anger
• Extremely cold weather
• Deadly virus
o Don’t disobey Allah (swt)
o Don’t disobey Prophet Mohammad (saw)
o Don’t disobey your parents.

- Remember that when Moses prayed for water for his people, we answered, “Strike the rock with your stick” : Whereupon twelve springs gushed out from it; each tribe came to know their drinking place.
- (Then they were enjoined: ) “Eat and drink of what Allah has provided and do not spread disorder on the earth”.
• Twelve springs were caused to flow for the Israelites in order to avoid water disputes among their twelve clans.
• Eat and drink from the Rizq of Allah, and do not spread disorder on the earth.
1. Disobeying Allah
2. Taking Deen as a joke
3. Harming people with hands and tongue.
o Dua of a father for his children is never rejected
o If you take care of your Mother, you are blessed a place in Jannah
o Do not talk back to your parents
o Enjoy what Allah has provided and made Halal, but do not spread disorder.
o When Allah (swt) provides everything and you enjoy it, then you should listen to what Allah has said and obey.
o Ihdina: A person who’s eyes are open and he is walking straight (he will find the right path). People who do not following the right path: A person who is walking backwards
o Mentioned in one of the Ayah: Do whatever you want, but Allah is watching everything.

- Remember: You grumbled: “ O Moses, we cannot live with same sort of food. Pray your Lord to give us t products of the land, green, herbs, vegetables, corn, garlic, onions, pulses and the like.” Moses replied: “What! Would you exchange that which is meaner for that which is nobler? Well, go and live in a town and you will get there what you demand.”
- By and by, they became so degraded that disgrace and humiliation, misery and wretchedness were stamped upon them and they incurred Allah’s wrath.
o Prophet (pbuh): there will be a time, where your enemies will attack all over you, you will be humiliated.
o Sahaba asked: what will be the reason?
o Prophet: you will develop the disease of Wahan – You will love the duniya, and you’ll be scared to die.
o In our gatherings we don’t like to mention the word gathered
o In the Bible there are many stories of the Prophet, where they will embarrass their prophet in front of others.
o If we are away from the Qur’an, and Sunnah of Prophet (pbuh) we will be humiliated.

- That was because they began to reject the Revelations of Allah and kill His Messengers without any just cause; that was the consequence of their disobedience and their persistent transgression against the Law.
- It does not mean: “You are asking, instead of manna and salva which you get free, things that, you will have to cultivate in the land.”
- But it means: “You are neglecting the grand purpose,
1. Purification of your hearts
2. Preparation for the leadership of the world. Instead of this, you are after the gratification of your taste and palate and cannot forego those things even for some time.”
- They rejected the Revelations in different ways:
a) They refused to accept anything that goes against their own ideas or desires;
b) They violated the clear injunctions of Allah, knowing well that they were discarding His commandments; and
c) They distorted and twisted the meaning of Revelations in order to suit their desires and lusts.
o Prophet (pbuh): A person, who is adding something into the Qur’an and putting a different understanding of the Qur’an, should see their place in Jahanam.
o This is not something where you pick and choose.
o Do not reject the ayahs of the Qur’an
o Do not ignore the teaching of Prophet Mohammad
o Do not take your Deen as a Joke
o Focus on inviting people towards islam

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