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Lecture - July-19th-2009

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Lecture - July-19th-2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:49 am

Sheikh Omar Farooq

Surah Al-Baqarah
- Shaytan Cannot stand before this surah
- Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: Do not make your house a graveyard. Shaytan does not enter your home, who recites this surah.
- First 20 verses of this surah
o First 5 verse talk about believers
o Next 2 are about non-believers
o Next 13 are about hypocrites
- Allah (swt) does not like two face people (Dual Personalities)
- Hypocrites are the lower of the lower
- Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said: Believers enter Islam with complete submission. They obey Allah (swt) without any questions.
- Alif.Laam.Meem. [Broken Letters] – Only Allah (swt) knows the meaning, which will be revealed on the Day of Judgment.
- Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: whoever prays fajr on time, Allah (swt) will protect us all day long.
- Start everything in the name of Allah (swt)

Merits of Surah Al-Baqarah
- Makkiyah
- This Surah was revealed in 10 years time.
1. Surah Al Baqarah / Ale Imran are the two shining Surah of the Quran. These two surahs will come on the Day of Judgment as an umbrella or as a cloud, will be a proof and will intercede.
2. Reading Surah Baqarah will be a blessing, and ignoring will be regret.
3. On the Day of Judgment, Quran and the readers of the Quran will come together; these two surahs will be a light and will remain ahead of them, will be a proof.
4. Don’t make your houses a graveyard, satan does not enter a house, where Surah Baqarah has been recited. (Abu Hurairah)
5. Al Baqarah Sinam ul Quran Wa Zarwat ul Quran, the top part of everything.

1.Alif, Laam, Meem
Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu said: Every book has its mysteries, and the mystery of the Quran is at the beginning of its chapters. (Alusi)

2. This is the Book; There is no doubt in it…
• Quran is the only book, which claims to have no doubt in it.
1- No doubt, this book is from Allah.
2- No doubt in the contents of the book.
• Quran is a road map, so follow the right path without any hesitation.
• What has happened to other books?
• In 1940’s, Munich university has conducted a research on the authenticity of the Quran.
• Every new research that comes in the world is not final and authentic but what the Quran says always becomes true.

2. … (A Source of) Guidance for the God fearing
• Guidance for people
• Those who have the fear of Allah, who want to change themselves, who want to save themselves from the Hell fire.
• What is our approach, when we come to the Quran?
• The river is flowing, how much we want to take from it.
Why we are here?

• Sahaba says: we have learned the knowledge and practice together.
• In the journey of life, Quran is our luggage / Taqwa is our luggage.

Believe in the Unseen (Ayah 3)
• Believe in the unseen (Believing and depending)
• Unseen: beyond our senses.
• Honestly I am telling you
• Salary at the end of the month
• Believe, supposed to be unseen.
• Al Ghayb: Allah, Angels, Prophets, Resurrection, Last day

Establish Prayer (Ayah 3)
• Proof of our Iman.
• If Iman is weak, we will be behind in prayers.
• Meaning: they Establish prayer; they give Priority to their prayer.
• Yuhafizoon / Daimoon / Yuqeemoon (not whenever, wherever)
• Their schedule is around the prayer, not the prayer around their schedule.
• One of the basic pillar if Islam,
(As-Salaatu Ema duddeen)
• Abdullah Ibn Masood: I asked, what is the best of action? Salah on time, what comes next? Kindness to parents (Bukhari / Muslim)
• First question a person will be asked on the Day of Judgment, is about the prayer (Abu Dawood / Tirmizi)
• Muslim Prayer – No excuse to Miss it.

They Spend What We have given them (Ayah 3)
• Charity / Zakat / Donation
• Proof of our Iman
• Rizq is of two kinds:
1. In reality ( Food, Clothing, Car, House, Wife, Children etc)
2. In the sense ( knowledge, wisdom)
• Infaaq and Nifaaq are from the same root,
• Na Fa Qa (a tunnel or a hole) so the believers take from one side and give on the other side, they don’t love it, this is the sign of hypocrites who will gather their wealth and count it over and over again.
• Our charity and donation is a security deposit, Allah takes it with His Right Hand and that will protect us on the Day of Judgment.
• O Aisha: whatever you have given is saved.

They Believe, what has been revealed to you and before you. (Ayah 4)
• They believe, what has been revealed to you. (Quran/Ahadith/Sunnah, I have been given the Quran and what is similar to it.)
• And before you (Torah, Zaboor, Injeel)
• This is the first right of the Quran, but he does not believe in the Quran who makes Halal what the Quran makes Haraam.

They Believe In the last day, with Certainty (Ayah 4)
• Yaqeen is a level higher than Ilm.
• Next life is batter then this life and forever (Aala 87: 17)
• Believers always keep the end result in mind.
• Example of a Janazah, dead body, graveyard
• We follow the map until we reach our destination,
• Our destination / our goal is Jannah.

They are on the Right Path from their Lord, and they are truly Successful. (Ayah 5)
- Allah gives Hidayah, and He shows the right path.
- We will be successful, if we guard our prayers, spend in the way of Allah, and be mindful of the last Day.
- Falah: Such a success, which comes after a hardship and then the person, is happy and satisfied with it.
- In Azan we call: come to success, this will come after the hardship of the prayer.

Fallah: A farmer who achieve his fruits after a hardship, and then he is happy with it, if the farmer plants a seed and relax what will happen.

Who will be successful:

1. Those who believe in the unseen
2. Those who establish prayer
3. Those who spend, what we have given them
4. Those who believe in the books
5. Those who believe in Aakhirah, with certainty.
They are on the Right Path and they are Successful.

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