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Lecture - Aug-15th-2009

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Lecture - Aug-15th-2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:38 am

Shaikh Omer Farooq:

Slide: And We gave Musa the Book and sent Messengers after him. Then We sent Jesus, son of Mary, with clear Signs and supported him with the Holy Spirit. Then how is it that whenever a Messenger came to you with that what is against your desire, you rebel against him, and rejected some and killed the others. They say, "Our hearts are secure." Nay, the fact is that Allah has cursed them for their disbelief; so they are few to believe.

- They rejected Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Isa (a.s)
- They killed prophet zikariya (a.s) and prophet Yahiya (a.s)
- When prophet come to them with clear signs, They did everything possible to go against their prophets
- Whenever something good is said to them, they will say our hearts are secure; we do not want to listen to you anymore.
- Three Signs given to Isa (a.s): He will bring the dead to life, He will cure people from his disease, and he will give light to a blind.
- Holy Spirit: Wa’hi, Jibrail (a.s) and the way he was born.
- Hadith: You are not a true believer, until your desires follow my teachings.
- As a believer you do not have choices, but only have to accept the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
- People who follow their desires are worse than the animals. Animals have no sense between right and wrong.
- A wedding that is simple, and where not any expenses are involved, will be blessed with Allah (Swt)
- Hadith: A person commits a sin, a black dot appears on his heart, and if the person repents, the dot disappears, but if he doesn’t then the heart will continue to seal, Because Allah (swt) has cursed them.
- Every letter we recite, Allah (swt) gives us 10 rewards.
- Qur’an is the book of guidance. Don’t follow previous generations.
- Do not make Qur’an your pillow. Do not put Qur’an behind your back. Put the Qur’an in front of you. When you have issues and difficulties in life, turn to the Qur’an.

Slide: And how are they behaving now towards a Book which has come to them from Allah? In spite of the fact that, it confirms the books what they already have and, in spite of the fact is that, before it came, they used to pray for a victory over the disbelievers, they rejected it when it came, although they recognized it. May Allah's curse be upon such disbelievers!
Such a mean behavior is that, which has deluded their minds. They reject the Guidance which Allah has sent down merely because of their grudge against him, whom Allah has chosen from among His servants. They have incurred wrath after wrath, and for such disbelievers there is a disgraceful punishment.

- When the Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), they raised the question, why this book is revealed to him? He is poor? He is not part of our tribe? Why Allah (swt) chose him as the prophet? They Earned Allah’s (swt) anger upon anger.
- The disbelievers will have a disgraceful punishment.
- When Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) came, they recognized him, but still they disbelieved him. Allah curse upon such disbelievers.
- Sofia (r.a) said: when the prophet Mohammad (pbuh) migrated to Medina, her father and uncle went to visit him. She heard their conversation when they returned. Uncle said: Is he really the prophet mentioned in our scripture. Father said: Yes he is. Uncle said: Do you believe in him? Father said: Yes I do. Uncle said: what do you intend to do? Father said: I will continue to oppose him till I die.
- When looking into our situation, we do not have peace, regardless of all the luxuries of life. What is the reason behind that? That is because we are away from the source of peace (Allah [swt]).
- People, who are attached to Allah (swt) and attached to the prophet Mohammad (swt) and the Qur’an, will have peace in their life.
- Those who recognize his prophet and his teaching, but disbelieved him, they have earned Allah (swt)’s anger.
- When we plan something, and we don’t consult Allah (swt), and only follow our plan, and something goes wrong, we stress out. This only happens because we have not taken Allah (swt) with us.
- Luggage of life should be the taq’wah of Allah (swt).

Slide: When it is said to them, "Believe in that what Allah has sent down," they say, "We believe only in that what has been sent to us", and reject everything else, though it is the Truth and confirms’ what is with them.
Well, ask them, "If you sincerely believed in what was sent down to you, why did you kill the Messengers of Allah (who were sent to you from among yourselves?)

- So when the Qur’an was revealed, it was said them to believe. But they said no, we believe in what was already revealed to us before.
- The Qur’an confirms the books what they already had before
- Question Asked by Allah (swt): If you believe in your own books, then why do you kill your own prophets? Then why do you not believe in your prophets?
- If you say you are a Muslim, then why do not follow the teaching of Prophet Mohammad (swt)? Then why do you not pray? Not recite the Qur’an? Prove yourself. Just because of your clam, your Iman will not be accepted.
- As long as we are alive, Allah (swt) will take care of us.
- We need to prove our Iman to Allah (swt)
- Shaytan finds us excuses, not to practice the teaching of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

Slide: (More than that: ) Moses came to you with clear Signs, yet when he was away from you than you transgressed and took the calf for worship. Remember the Covenant We made with you while We raised the Tur over you: `Follow what We are giving you and give attentive ear to Our Commandments.' Your forefathers replied, "We have heard but we will not follow." They were so into their disbelief that they cherished the love of cow in their hearts. Tell them (O Muhammad). "If you are believers, you have such a strange believe that enjoins you to do evil things."

- In Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)’s absents, we are disobeying him, ignoring his teachings.
- Prophet Mohammad (saw) said to the Sahaba: There will be people after you; I will love them more than you. Sahaba said: who will be those people? Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: They will not have seen me, but still they will love me and follow me.
- Love Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and Follow him.
- Take the Qur’an strongly; listen to the commands of Allah (swt) with attentive ear.
- Allah (swt) curses those who lie.
- The beauty of the believers: We heard and we follow.
- Sahaba’s are called the Qur’anic Generation. Who listened and obeyed.
- Don’t ask questions to your parents, you will be beloved to Allah (swt).
- Do not have the attitude of the disbelievers.

Slide: Say to them, "If the abode of the Hereafter with Allah is exclusively reserved for you and not for the rest of mankind, then you should wish for death, if you are sincere in your claim.” Believe it, they will never wish for it, for what they have sent before them for the Hereafter. And Allah knows well the mentality of the transgressors. You will find among all of mankind, they wish for a long life, nay, they are even greedier than the mushriks. Each one of them wishes to have a life of a thousand year, but a long life cannot save them from the punishment for Allah is watching whatever they are doing.

- If you say Jannah is for you and not for the rest of the mankind, then why don’t you wish for death?
- They will be the greediest for life. They would want to live a thousand years. Their long life will not save them from the punishment.
- Hadith from Prophet Mohammad (pbuh): Those who want to see Allah (swt), Allah (swt) want to see them. But those who do not want to see Allah (swt), Allah (swt) do not want to see them. Sahaba asked: O prophet is there anyone who does not want to see Allah? Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said: Yes. One who does not have enough for his Akirah will never want to see Allah (swt).
- When Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was sitting with his four companions: (Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Abu Zar). Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said to them; ask for anything then I will ask Allah (swt) for you.
o Abu Bakr: I want money. If I have lots of money, I will buy all these salves that have accepted Islam and set them free.
o Umar: I want money. There are these Muslims who have no horses, camels so they can go to the battlefield
o Uthman: I want money. I see all these Muslims who have no shoes to wear, no clothes, no food; I will buy it all for them.
o Abu Zar: I want three things. I want Hunger, Sickness and Death. I know when I am hungry; I will not do wrong to anyone. When I am sick, Allah will forgive my sins in this life. I want death, because I want to see Allah (swt).
- Allah (swt) knows the wrongdoers.
- Dua: O Allah (swt), give me a Long life with Iman. Money with charity. Good health with prayers.

Slide: Say to them, "Whoever is enemy to Gabriel, should understand that he has revealed the Quran to your heart, , by Allah's command, which confirms what was revealed before it, and brings Guidance and glad tidings to the Believers. (If their enmity to Gabriel is due to this, let them understand that) whoever is enemy to Allah, His Angels, His Messengers, Gabriel and Michael, Allah is enemy to such disbelievers."

- They will say: Gabriel (a.s) is their enemy, saying why he brought this book to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
- Gabriel (a.s) brought the book with the permission of Allah (swt).
- If we are doing something wrong, and someone corrects us, we should correct ourselves right away. Do not ignore that person.
- The teaching of the Qur’an confirms the other books Tur… They will still ignore the teaching of the Qur’an.
- This Qur’an is the guidance, not only does it confirm the previous teachings but also is the guidance. We should take this Qur’an as the manual for our life. If we use it as a book of Blessing, remember Qur’an more than just that. It also has glad tidings for the believers

Slide: We have sent down to you Revelations that clearly explains the Truth, and none but the disobedient reject them.

- If we say we are born Muslim, it does not mean anything.
- Qur’an is the truth; we have to find this truth ourselves.
- We need to understand our responsibilities as a believer. Truth has to be found and followed.
- Renew your commitment every year on our birthday with Allah (swt). O Allah, all this coming year, gives me life and I will obey, listen, and follow the teaching of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). We hear and we obey.

Slide: It has been the same, that every time they made a covenant, some of them set it aside? Nay, most of them never believe in it sincerely. And whenever a Messenger came to them from Allah, confirming the books what they already have, some from the people of the Book, put the Book of Allah behind their backs as though they knew nothing about it.

- Allah (swt) said: Whenever they make a covenant to follow the book, they will put their book on the side or behind their back. As if they know nothing about it.
- Recite the Qur’an, do not ignore it. Do not leave the Qur’an locked away. The respect of the Qur’an should be in front of you. Qur’an should be on your table.
- Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said: O the people of Qur’an do not ignore the Qur’an.
- Qur’an is your best friend. Qur’an will remain with us in life; help us in the grave and on the Day of Judgment.
- People who ignore the Qur’an there life will become tight on them. They will be blind in the next life.
- People, who ignore the Qur’an, are like Wild Donkey running away from the lion.

Slide: (Instead of this,) they began to follow the magic, to which the devils falsely attributed (the greatness of) the kingdom of Solomon.

In fact Solomon was never involved in any practice of disbelief, but the satan, who taught magic to the people were themselves guilty of disbelief.
They were after that, which was sent to Harut and Marut, the two angels at Babylon. Whenever these two angels taught magic to anyone, they would always give a clear warning beforehand, saying, "We are merely a trial for you; so you should not be wicked.

But in spite of this warning, those people used to learn from the angels the art which caused separation between husband and wife. Although it was obvious that they could not harm anyone of this magic without Allah's permission, yet they learnt that art which could not be beneficial for them but was actually harmful.

Moreover, they knew it well that anyone, who is involve in this art, would have no share in the Hereafter. What an evil commodity it was for which they sold off their souls, if they realize it! If they have believed in Allah and practiced piety, they would have received a far better reward from Allah, if they understand it.

- Satan said if you follow the magic, you will get whatever you want. Take the shortcut.
- Magic, Allah (swt) has said to be disbelief. It is a major sin.
- Anyone who is involved in this art will have no share in the Hereafter.
- Allah (swt) sent them 2 angels, in form of man and came to the people as a test in the town of Babylon. These two angels (Harut and Marut) were teaching the magic. Sole purpose of the magic was to separate the husband and wife.
- Remember the magic is from Shaytan. Be aware of this. Anything that is creating a problem between husband and wife is from the Shaytan.
- Why did Allah (swt) sent the angel to teach something haram? In the office, if there is bribery involved. To catch someone Red handed.
- No harm will come out of this magic, except the permission of Allah (swt).
- Allah will make them continue with their wrong doing, and make them more involved.

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