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Lecture - Aug-16th-2009

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Lecture - Aug-16th-2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:54 am

Shaikh Omer Farooq:

- Remember the words of the Qur’an are the words of Allah (swt).
- Benefit yourself and benefit others from the Qur’an
- Hadith from Bukhari about three types of Land.
- Practice the Qur’an

Slide: O Believers, do not say. "Ra 'ina" but say, "Unzurna " and listen to what is said; for the disobedient, deserve a painful punishment. The people who have rejected the message of Truth, be they the people of the Book or the mushriks, would never like any good to be sent down to you from your Lord, but Allah chooses for His mercy whom He wills, and Allah is Most Bountiful.

- The people who reject the truth will never like any good come to you from your Rabb.
- These people of the book, Yahood and Nasara will get people involved in unnecessary questions.
- Still there are people who create doubts in the minds of others and themselves.
- Yahood and Nasara will come to the gatherings of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and use words to twist the words of Prophet.
- Allah (swt) stopped the believers by saying, say “Unzurna” but do not say “Ra ‘ina’”
- “Ra ’ina’” means – can you repeat it again? Can you listen to me please? Can I ask you a question please? This word was used as another meaning, Listen dumb or O ignorant stupid. Just to disrespect the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) they would use this word.
- Unzurna means – can you repeat it again? Can you listen to me please? Same as Ra ‘ina’ but with more respect.
- The disobedient deserve a painful punishment.
- Remember if you use a word with the wrong intension and twist the meaning, Allah (swt) knows. He has the control over our heart and mind.
- These people were raising questions such as, why did Allah (swt) make Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) a prophet? He is a poor man, why did he have to make this man a prophet.
- Allah (swt) chooses his mercy on whomever he wants.
- Remember if Allah (swt) has given something to someone which we like, Allah (swt) can give it to you as well. Pray to Allah (swt).
- When Allah (swt) gives, do not be ungrateful. Do not give yourself the credit for it.
- All has all the Bounties. If you want something ask Allah (swt) and he will give it to you.

Slide: Whatever we cancel or cause it to be forgotten, We bring a better verse or at least the like of it. Do you not know that Allah has full power over everything? Do you not know that the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah alone and that you have neither any protector nor helper beside Him?

- So the people raised another Question. The other question was about the Book. If you say that this book is from Allah (swt) than why has he changed his commands from the previous books?
- These questions have no base, no arguments. You cannot always give the same advice again and again. You give the advice based on the needs.
- The wisdom is, whenever you want to advice someone, you need to use the proper time and proper words.
- Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) would always use a suitable time and use suitable words.
- If your words are not suitable and with respect, then you will not get respect in return.
- O my beloved son. Prophets would talk to their kids with respect. If you give respect to your kids, they will respect you back.
- Another question was why Allah (swt) canceled some of the verse from the previous books. Allah (swt) said that the verses which are cancelled or are asked to be forgotten, we have brought a better verse.
- Allah (swt) has created us, and he knows what is good for us. Who will know better than the creator? No one.
- It is always good to consult Allah (swt) and ask for his guidance.
- Whatever you get in your life, good or bad, accept it from Allah (swt).
- Sometimes we make a Dua, and it does not get accepted, remember when Allah (swt) does not give you anything; it is out of his love. (example of Giving Car keys to your Son/Daughter)
- When Allah (swt) gives us something, that is his love as well.
- All your achievements, your success, your difficulties, everything should be referred back to Allah (swt)
- Allah is the best of helper. If you need help, ask Allah (swt) first
- If we hand of all our affairs to Allah (swt), our Iman will become strong. We’ll feel the strength in our decisions.

Slide: Would you ask your Prophet such questions, as were asked of Moses? In fact, anyone who changes the belief to disbelief has turned from the Right path. Many of the people of the Book desire to turn you back to disbelief. They wish this, out of the jealousy of their hearts, though the Truth has become quite clear to them. Yet, you should show tolerance and forgiveness to them‘till Allah Himself enforces His judgment. (Rest assured that) Allah has full power over everything:

Establish the Salat and pay the Zakat. you will find with Allah whatever good you send forward for your future; Allah is watching everything you do.

- It is Kufr, to ask unreasonable questions. Questions that are not to practice. Questions from which you are trying to escape.
- If you do not want to practice, that is your choice. But do not create doubts in the mind of others. Do not raise questions which will create doubts.
- Yes, you are allowed to ask questions, but to understand, and to practice your Deen better.
- The sole purpose should be how to practice it.
- Many people of the book, desired for you to leave Islam and join Kufr. They wished this out of the Jealousy of their hearts. And in spite of them knowing the truth, Allah (swt) said: Ignore them. Turn to Allah (swt), because he has power over everything.
- Thank Allah (swt) day and night. Try to save yourself from the illness of the society and the wrong practices of the society.
- We need to learn our Deen and invite others to our Deen.
- People whose hearts are always attached to the masjid. Will be under the Thorne of Allah (swt)
- Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), build the masjid first, then developed the brotherhood (community), and thirdly about the jobs.

Slide: They say, "None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew or (according to the Christians) a Christian." These are their wishful fancies. Say to them, "Bring your proof, if you are right in your claim." The fact is that no one has any special claim to Paradise; whoever surrenders himself to Allah in obedience and follows the Right path, shall get his reward from his Lord: there shall be neither fear nor grief for such people.

- No one has the special claim to the paradise. But the criteria to enter the Paradise, is whoever surrender to Allah (swt) and follows the right path. Bow down to Allah (swt) and prostrate to Allah (swt), hand over yourself to Allah (swt).
- These believers will have no Kauf. Because they have left all their affairs to Allah (swt). There grieves and worries are left with Allah (swt). They will have peace in their heart.

Slide: The Jews say that the Christians have nothing (of the Truth) and the Christians say that the Jews have nothing of it, though both read the book. And those who have no knowledge of the book also make similar claims. Allah will surely give His judgment on the Day of Resurrection in all the matters in which they differ.

- Allah (swt) has given the logic behind one god. Allah (Swt) says, if there were two gods, you will see mess everywhere in the world.
- Even within ourselves, our community, we might differ from each other. These two people with different understanding might both be right. Everyone is trying to please Allah (Swt), and Allah will judge them on the Day of Judgment.
- Allah (swt) is not looking at your wealth or beauty. Allah is judging you based on your heart. Your intentions and the actions have to be right.
- The beginning and the end of the action should only be for Allah (swt).
- No one has the right to say that there way is correct.

Slide: And who is a major wrongdoer than the one who forbids the mention of Allah's name in places of worship and strives for their ruin? Such people do not deserve to enter the places of worship, and, if they enter at all, they should do so in fear; for there is humiliation for them in this world and an awful punishment in the Hereafter.

- A masjid should be used for multipurpose. This was the way at the time of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
- Whenever it is said in Qur’an to pray, it is said in a plural manner.

Slide: The East and the West, all belong to Allah: you will face Allah in whichever direction you turn your face: Allah is All-Embracing and All-Knowing.

- In the beginning they were facing to the west, but later they faced to the Kabah. Wherever you face, Allah (swt) will be there. But since you know the direction of the Kibla, maintain that direction for your prayers. The direction was changed by Allah (swt)’s command.

Slide: They say "Allah has adopted a son." Allah is above such things. As a matter of fact, whatever is in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Him and all are obedient to Him. He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth: when He decrees a thing, He says, "Be," and there it is.

- Everything is obedient to Allah (swt).
- Allah (swt) is above everything.
- If we want anything in our life, Ask Allah (swt).
- Even for small things go back to Allah (swt).

Slide: The ignorant say, "Why Allah doesn’t talk to us or why does not a Sign come to us?“ The people before them also talked like this, for all (who turn from the Right Path) have the same mentality. We have already shown clear Signs to those who believe; (what greater Sign could there be than that) We have sent you with the knowledge of the Truth and made you a bearer of good tidings and a Warner? Now, you are not responsible and answerable for those who are bent upon going to Hell.

- Allah (swt) is now giving one of his signs; the coming of the Prophet Mohammad (saw) is a major sign.
- You know Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was a truthful man; you have lived among him for forty years.
- We know the consequences of everything; the hell fire and the paradise.
- Remember this life is not a joke. This life is for only one time. It is a one time opportunity, where we prepare ourselves for the next life.

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