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Lecture - Aug-22nd-2009

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Lecture - Aug-22nd-2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:07 am

Shaikh Omer Farooq:
August-22nd - 2009

- Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: There are many people who fast get nothing more than thirst and hunger.
o Because these people eat at night so they do not have to wake up in the morning. Or they wake up in the morning to eat, but do not pray and go to sleep right away. Some people eat in the morning and pray, but sleep till zuhar.
o Actions and intentions are not right. When you start something, keep the end result in mind.
o You cannot deceive Allah (swt), instead you deceive yourself.
o Pray on time with the Jamah
o “O messenger we come to you when we want to see you in this life, but how will we see you in Jannah.” Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: “Give frequent Sujud and you will meet me in Jannah.”
o Talawa: To Follow
o To Follow what? Read –Understand –Practice –Convey –Implement
o Make the Talawa of the Qur’an as it should be made.

Slide: The Jews and the Christians will never be satisfied with you, until you follow their way. Tell them clearly, "The right path is shown by Allah.” And if, after all the' knowledge you have received, you were to yield to their desires, you shall find neither any friend nor helper to protect you from Allah's wrath.

- Tardaya – Root word: Raa Dhaad Yaa (To be Satisfied) Raa Dhaad Waaw (To be Happy / Pleased)
- Tatabiya – Root word: Taa Baa Ayn (To follow the footsteps)
- If you grow your hair like Jews and Christians are growing, they will be happy
- If you dress up like them the Jews and Christians will be happy.
- They want Muslims to be like them.
- The right path is shown by Allah (swt). Go back to Allah (swt).
- If you follow their desire, their footsteps, knowing the knowledge Allah (swt) has given you, on the Day of Judgment you will not find any helper to protect you.
- If we are following the non-Muslims, we will have a problem on the Day of Judgment.
- Live life like Prophet Mohammad (saw)’s way.
- When people tell you “live life the way you want” - remember that is not for us. We live life the way Allah (swt) wants us too. We must follow the footsteps of Prophet Mohammad (saw).
- Allah (swt) said, Fear the day when you will come back to me, you will find no helper or protector.
- Look back to the people who are not with us anymore, who were there last year in this blessed month, are not with us anymore. Allah (swt) has given us the opportunity to go towards the right path.

Slide: Those who have been given the Book, they read the Book as it should be read and believe in it sincerely; As for those who reject it, they are indeed the losers.

- Follow the steps of Talawa
- A great Loss – Those who reject the Qur’an are in great loss.
- Al-Asr (the time) - The history is witness, that the human beings are in loss, except those who in believe and focus on your good deeds.
- Allah (swt) has asked the Question: What is wrong with them? Why are they running away from the Qur’an? We have made this Qur’an easy for them. 90% of the Qur’an you can understand with the translations. Only 10% you will need to ask the scholars for.
- Qur’an is a manual for you.
- Only reading the Qur’an is not enough. But if you follow all the steps of the Qur’an, you will become more close to Allah (swt)

Slide: O children of Israel, remember my favor upon you, when I exalted you above all the Communities of the world. And fear the day; when no one shall avail anyone, in any way; nor shall any ransom be accepted from them; nor shall intercession benefit them; nor shall the offenders be helped from anywhere.

- Israel (Yahood)
- They did not focus on their work.
- They ignored their responsibility.
- So Allah (swt) gave the responsibility to the Muslims.
- Responsibility of purifying ourselves and inviting people to Islam.
- We Muslims are the teachers of the world. Each and every Muslim is a teacher.
- Teach the Qur’an.
- If we don’t understand and practice the Qur’an, then how will we teach and convey the message to others.
- Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: “Convey from me, even if you know one Ayah.”
- Prophet Mohammad (saw) said: “Allah (swt) has sent me as teacher.”
- Allah (Swt) said: Fear the Day of Judgment, when nothing can help you.
- Do something for the Akirah
- Prepare yourself for the next life.

Slide: Remember, when Abraham was put to test in certain things and he fulfilled all of them. Allah said, "I am going to make you the leader of mankind." Abraham humbly asked, “Does this promise apply to my descendants also? Allah said; "My promise does not apply to the Transgressors”.

- Only Allah (swt) is our protector.
- Abraham (a.s) is called the Father of the Prophets. Father of Nations. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all came from the descendants of Abraham (a.s)
- If we submit ourselves to Allah (swt), through hardship, we are still attached to Allah (swt), and then Allah (swt) will bless us and give us the leadership.
- When we listen to Allah (swt), He loves us. When we follow the commandments of Allah (swt), he loves us.
- When we say we Love Allah, we follow the commandments of Allah (Swt)
- When we say we love Prophet Mohammad (saw), we follow the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (saw)

Slide: And remember; We made this House (the Kabah) a centre and sanctuary for mankind and enjoined people to pray where Abraham used to stand for Prayer and We urged Abraham and Ishmael to keep My House pure and clean for those who would go for Tawaaf who would go for Itikaaf who would bow down and prostrate.

- There is a Mukamai Abrahim – That is where Abrahim (a.s) use to stand in Prayer.
- The water of Zam Zam. When Ismael (a.s) and his mother were staying in desert for water. She ran 7 times between Safa and Marwa looking for water. Allah brought the water of Zam Zam at that time.
- If you are obedient to Allah (swt), Allah (swt) will bless you.

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Re: Lecture - Aug-22nd-2009

Post  maryamaziz on Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:18 pm

Jazakallah for all these wonderful notes. They're all so in depth and easy to understand. May Allah bless you


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Re: Lecture - Aug-22nd-2009

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Re: Lecture - Aug-22nd-2009

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