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Lecture - Aug-23rd-2009

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Lecture - Aug-23rd-2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:33 am

Shaikh Omer Farooq:
August - 23rd - 2009

Days of Ramadan:
First 10 days: Mercy
Middle 10 days: Forgiveness
Last 10 days: Safety from hell fire

Slide: And remember; We made this House (the Kabah) a centre and sanctuary for mankind and enjoined people to pray where Abraham used to stand for Prayer. and We urged Abraham and Ishmael to keep My House pure and clean for those who would go for Tawaaf who would go for Itikaaf who would bow down and prostrate.

- Hadith (Prophet Mohammad (saw)): Whoever cleans the masjid, and whatever dust comes on the body, the hell fire will not touch that place.
- Any service to the masjid will be appreciated by Allah (swt).
- Clean Means: physically (Dust and dirt) and do not ask anyone for help except Allah (swt). Do not perform shirk.
- It is forbidden for non-believers to enter Makah.

Slide: And remember when Abraham prayed, “Lord, make this city a city of peace and safety, and provide every kind of fruit to its people, who believe in Allah and the Last Day'. Allah answered, "As for the disbelievers, I will also provide them with the necessities of life in this world. though in the Next life I will drag them to the torment of Hell, and that is the most terrible abode."

- Allah (swt) is the Rabb of the entire mankind. For the people who believe in him, and for those who do not believe in him. That’s why Allah gives to those who do not believe in him, sometimes even more. The value of this duniya is not more than a wing of a mosquito in the eyes of Allah (swt).
- Disbelievers might have all the luxuries of life, but still it’ll be little bit, but in the next life they will be dragged to hell fire.
- Never ever say ‘go to hell’. It is in the hands of Allah (Swt) who he sends to hell fire or paradise. Allah might give them the guidance and you might go astray.
- We cannot compromise with a below standard then how can you live in the hell fire.
- The hell fire is 70 times more than the biggest fire of this world.
- Remember Allah (swt), thank Allah (Swt), Be grateful to Allah (swt)

Slide: And remember that when Abraham and Ishmael were building the walls of the House, They prayed; Lord, accept this from us; You are All-Hearing and All-Knowing.

- Everything you do should only be done for Allah (swt)
- How do you know your good deed has been accepted? It is when Allah enables you to do another good deed. You first good deed has been accepted. That is why he made it possible for you to do the second good deed.
- Rizk is everything you have in this life. Including your children, your wife, your skills, your knowledge, your house, food, clothing…etc. Take advantage of it, but say Alhamdulillah.

Slide: Lord, make us Your devoted Servants (Muslims) and make our children your devoted Servants (Muslims) as well. And Show us the ways of Your worship and forbear our shortcomings: You are the most Forgiving and Merciful. Lord, Send them a Messenger
• who shall recite Your Aayaat to them and
• teach them the Book and Wisdom and
• purify their lives.

You are All-Powerful and All-Wise".

- Zakihim – Root Word – Zaa Kaaf Waaw – To Purify – To grow

Slide: Who turns away from Abraham but the one who fooled himself? We choose him for Our service in this world, and in the Next life he shall be among the righteous. When his Lord said to him, "Surrender,” he promptly responded, "I have surrendered to the Lord of the Universe.”

- Do not turn yourself away from the way of Abraham (a.s) and your own Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
- Allah (swt) knows what is good for us and what is bad for us. Because he has created us.
- Only Allah (Swt) has the right to give us the order.
- Saalaiheen – Root Word – Saad Laam Haa - Righteous – Peace
- People who submit to Allah (swt) will have peace in the next life.
- Surrender means - I have no options, no will, and no decision. You will be the follower, you will submit and you will surrender.

Slide: In their last will, Abraham And Jacob advised their children to follow the same way of life. (Islam) O my children, Allah has chosen the same way of life for you. So keep yourself surrender to your Lord until your last breath. Were you present at the time when Jacob was about to die? He asked his children, "Whom will you worship after me?" They all replied, "We will worship the same One God, Whom you, your forefathers Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac have worshiped and to Him we all surrender as Muslims.”

- Till the last moment of your life, keep yourself surrender to Allah (swt)
- Do not waste your time.
- Allah has given them the example of Yaqoob (a.s) when he asked his children and asked them, who they will worship after he is gone.
- At least once in a week, all the family members should sit together and convey your values and teachings.

Slide: They were a people who passed away; they shall receive the reward for what they have earned and you shall have the reward of what you will earn; and you will not be asked, what they did.

- Money – As soon as you need it and use it, the money is gone. The money we make is not the real earning.
- Good Deeds – The real earnings are your good deeds.
- What is the most difficult time of a life of a person? The time of your death.
- Think beyond this life.
- Allah (swt): Each and every one of you should see what you have prepared for tomorrow.
- Second difficult time: When Angels come and ask the questions. Lord? Deen? Prophet?
- Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) - Anyone who comes to you and if you are satisfied with their deen, background…Do not delay.

Slide: The Jews say, "Become a Jew and you will be rightly guided" ;the Christians say, "Become a Christian and you will have the true guidance." Say to them, "Nay, we turn away from every other way and accept the way of Abraham, and Abraham did not associate other gods with Allah. O Muslims, say to them, "We believe in Allah and follow the Guidance which has been sent down to us and to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob and his descendants and which was given to Moses and Jesus and to all other Prophets by their Lord. We do not discriminate against any of them and we have Completely surrendered to Allah, as Muslims."

- Whoever follows the way of Abraham (a.s) is guided on the right path.
- In our prayers we recite Darood-e-Abraham. Because we are the followers of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)’s way and the other prophets.
- The teachings of all the Prophets were the same, but we follow the way of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

Slide: Then if they believe the way you have believed, they have found the right path, and if they turn away from this, it will become obvious that they are hardhearted. Therefore, Allah will be sufficient to defend you against them: He hears everything and knows everything.

- If they don’t follow the right path, they argue with you and fight with you, have sabr. Be patient.
- Our words and deeds will be put on scale on the Day of Judgment

Slide: Say, "Take the color of Allah, and who can give a better color than Allah? Therefore, we worship and submit to Him alone.

- Baptize is the color, which Allah is talking about
- This type of Iman is not a true Iman. What you can take out anytime. The Iman has to be in your heart. Paint yourself with the color of Allah (swt). Do not have a separate entity.
- Pray 5 times a day. Make the Zikr of Allah (swt).
- If you have the love for duniya, then you have no place for Allah (swt)
- Have the love of Allah (swt) in your heart, and have the duniya in your hand. So you can have better use of it.

Slide: O Prophet, say to them, "Do you argue with us about Allah, whereas He is our Lord and also your Lord? We shall be accountable to Him for our deeds and you will be for yours; so we have dedicated our worship to Him alone.

- We have dedicated our worship for Allah (swt) alone.

Slide: Or do you say that Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and his children were all Jews or Christians?”Ask them, "Do you know more than Allah? And who is more unjust than the one who hides the Testimony which Allah has entrusted to him? Allah is not unaware of what you are doing. They were a people who have passed away and they shall be repaid for what they earned and you for what you earn: you will not be questioned as to what they did.

- Judaism and Christianity came way after Abraham (a.s).
- Their scholars know that Abraham (a.s) was not a Jew or a Christian; instead he was a true believer, and a true surrender to Allah (swt).
- Allah is not unaware of what you are doing.

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