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Lecture - July 5th 2009

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Lecture - July 5th 2009

Post  Zonaira Maqbool on Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:02 pm

Lecture - Shaikh Hafiz Omer Farooq

The Qur’an
Chapter 73, verse 4: Or add to it (a little). And pray and recite the Qur'an calmly and distinctly (with your mind and heart concentrated on it).

- It is an Ultimate guidance (Al-Baqarah 2: 38)
- It is a protection from evil & temptation
- It is a light (Noor) in the darkness, so we can find our way to success & salvation (Al-Maidah 5: 15)
- It is the only healing (Shifa) for our inner sickness and the illness of the society (Yunus, 10: 57)

It is a constant reminder (Dikhr) [Aaraaf, 7] of our true nature, our purpose of life, our destiny, our responsibilities as a Muslim, our rewards. It is the only way to seek a close connection with our creator. And finally what is waiting for us at the end of time, the pleasure of Allah and his Jannah.

Hadith from Tirmizi [Reported by Ali (R.A)]

I heard from the messenger (saw)
Soon there will be test and trails
I said to the messenger (saw) what is the way out?
The book of Allah
There are stories of the past
And prediction for the future
It has a solution for all your problems
It is a reality, not a joke.

Whoever seeks the guidance other than the Qur’an, will be misguided.
It is a rope of Allah and a clear light, and a wise reminder.
It is the right path.
Whoever talks according to the Qur’an, will say the truth.
Whoever judge according to the Qur’an, will get rewards.
Whoever invite towards the Qur’an, he himself will get the right path.

Rights of the Qur’an

1. Believe and Respect
- Testifying from the tongue.
- Acceptance from the heart.
- He does not believe in the Qur’an who makes Halal what Qur’an makes haram (Tirmizi)

2. Read with Perfection
- And read the Qur’an with perfection (Al- Muzzamil 73: 4)
- Hearts are rusted (Baihiqi, Abdullah Ibn Umar)
- State of Consciousness
  1. My Qur’an reading will not be a reading unless I involve my whole “person”
    2. I am in Allah’s presence, He is seeing me.
    3. I am hearing from Allah
    4. Allah addresses me directly, when I am reading the Qur’an
    5. Every word of Qur’an is for me
    6. I am talking to Allah (swt), when I am reading the Qur’an (example of Surah Fatiha)
    7. Allah will bless me and give me the reward for reading and practicing the Qur’an

How about those who are not able to read? [Saying of prophet (pbuh) from Bukhari & Muslim]
- Struggling to read perfectly, you will receive twice the reward

3. Understand and Reflect
(Surah Sawd 29)

- We have made this Qur’an easy (Al-Qamar 54: 17)
- What is the response of our heart? There heart tremble when Allah is mention to them (Al-Anfaal 8:2)
- What is the response of our tongue?
- What is the response of our eyes? Read the Qur’an and cry (Ibn Majah)
(If you cannot cry, make a crying face, so Allah (swt) will accepts)

4. Practice & Prostrate

Imam Ghazali quotes:
- There are many who read the Qur’an, they get nothing but curse (lying, backbiting, interest, etc)
• We curse ourselves when we read the Qur’an, because we fall in the same category (laziness, showing off, lying…)

Questions on the day of judgment:
• How did you spend your youth?
• How did you make money?
• Where did you spend your money?
• How did you spend your life?
• How much you practiced on the knowledge that Allah has given you?

Questions in your grave?
• Who is your God?
• Who is your Prophet?
• What is your Deen?

5. Preach and Remind
(Surah Sawd 29)

Convey from me, Even it is one verse.

Those who are present here today, convey to those who are not present. (Sermon of Prophet during Hajj)

Punishment of those who ignore the Qur’an

In This Life:
1. Tensed and painful life ( Taha 20: 124)
2. Befriend with Shaytan ( Zukhruf 36: 37)
3. Dishonored and disgraced (Hadith)

In The Next Life
1. Resurrected blind (Taha 124)
2. Prophet will file a suit against them ( Al-Furqan 30)
3. Qur’an will be a witness against them (Hadith)
4. Severe punishment in the Hell Fire (Jinn 17)

Qur’an is a Master Key
O Allah
Make the Qur’an,
Spring of my Heart,
The light of my Chest,
The dispeller of my Sorrows,
The eraser of my Anxieties and Worries.
(Reported by Imam Ahmad)

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